Thursday, October 7, 2010

dom-isms: reading between the lines

my brother in law (dom's godfather) is an avid collector of mint condition transformer action figures...  everytime my son gets a glimpse of his collection, it tempts him to touch or play with them...


so, after we all got together for dinner, dom asked his godfather, "ninong, can i play with your toys?"

ninong replied, "if you do, i'll cut off your fingers!" - in a joking manner, of course.

dom looks back at us and nonchalantly says, "i guess he said no."

happy thursday everyone!
xo, carla


The Words Crafter said...

I love their humor!

My brother was into Transformers when he was little in the 80's and I would occasionally buy him a figure at the toy store. I wish I'd gotten him and Optimus Prime before they killed him off and brought him back-it would be worth a fortune!

Malou said...

is your brother-in-law single or have no kids? I wonder how he'll keep them in mint condition with kids around. Its so polite of Dom to ask and smart kid to understand an adult reply. My brother-in-law has thousands of superhero comic magazines collection since the 70s and are in mint condition too. With my kids around, he made sure that they're out of sight and out of reach to avoid teasing kids curiousities and breaking their heart when he says no for an answer.

Sandy a la Mode said...

omg, that is a harsh answer, eeks!!! :/

cArLa said...

@ the words crafter - yeah, it took him a while to find the original toy... but was so happy when he finally got it.

@ malou - they don't have kids yet... it's stored at the in-laws, so it will be safe - until the kids break in to the room lol.

@ sandy a la mode - i know they can be harsh, but dom knows that they're just kidding around... you should see them wrestling (it makes ufc, look like child's play).