Sunday, September 26, 2010


another random fact about me, i'm a huge sucker for musicals or anything slightly resembling a musical...  i cannot wait to see this:  "burlesque"!!!  it's out on november 24.

i can't help but be drawn to it...  cher, chrisitina aguilera - need i say more?

here is a list of my favorite musicals of all time (box office and broadway - in no particular order, some less musical than others):
  • west side story
  • cry baby
  • sound of music
  • wizard of oz
  • moulin rouge
  • chicago
  • mary poppins
  • big fish
  • annie
  • the king and i
  • cabaret
  • grease
  • beauty and the beast
  • miss saigon
  • phantom of the opera
  • les miserables
  • aladdin
  • dumbo
  • oliver
  • fiddler on the roof
  • sweeney todd
  • hair
  • jesus christ superstar
  • rocky horror pictureshow
  • across the universe
i could go on forever, i'm sure i missed a bunch more (specially the disney ones).  what's your all time favorite musical?
    have a great week everyone!
    xo, carla


    jozen said...

    i love musicals too!

    junesanjuan said...

    OMG...u, me, line up, we're going!!! LOL

    JooJoo said...

    That's wonderful! I guess I've only been to one musical when I was in Iran and it was in Farsi...I don't have the confidence to watch them in English, or maybe they are not that hard to understand :) I need to try them here!

    I loved Robin Hood's musical (Disney) + Sword in stone

    ilene @ muchloveilly said...

    no wonder you love GLEE! ;) naw, i love anything musical too - id love to see miss saigon and phantom. i really love WICKED and Les Mis.

    The Words Crafter said...

    What a cool list you have! Rocky Horror!!!!! Mary Poppins, Phantom, The King and I, Big Fish, Annie, Moulin, Sound of Music....superb! I would like to add Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...I have a thing for Dick Van Dyke, and Anastasia with Yul Brenner and Ingrid Bergman. Now, I want to go watch a movie....

    lyndsay said...

    i just loved west side story (the film). soooo good... and the songs can make you cry! my sis and i used to sing and play piano to andrew lloyd webber musicals while growing up, doing all the duets together... heehee!