Sunday, January 10, 2010

carla in wonderland...

...because i am so excited to see alice in wonderland and the fact that tim burton (one of my favorite directors) will be directing it! i was wandering around online and found some wonderland-inspired cuteness on and i hope you like them!

this cute outfit made for a blythe doll by blythelove at

this photo is from lenny's this website is full of information for all the wonderland fans out there...

this art print is by jasmine becket-griffith aka. strangeling at

aren't these cupcakes sooo cute?! i found them at

these custom dolls are made by frootkake at

here are some handmade puppets found at by goobeetsa .

this adorable book art is found at

the tim burton rendition of alice in wonderland is set to release on march 5, 2010! i have a feeling that this movie will be visually captivating, dark, and a fairytale come to life! you can learn more about the film at their official website, or see the trailer, here.

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