Sunday, January 24, 2010

alice-inspired nails

i am posting another alice in wonderland update... for nails! i wore this last week actually. opi launched the new series of nail colors and they are appropriately named (left to right): off with her red, absolutely alice, mad as a hatter, and thanks so muchness. as a true lover of blues and greens, i chose to show you absolutely alice! i really HATE glitter-based polishes, as they take FOREVER to remove, but this one is worth it! when i say forever, it took me a good 40 minutes to get rid of the polish with my trusty acetone and cotton. thinking about it makes me cringe...

isn't it lovely though? you can't really see it , but it has tiny flecks of gold within the blue. from afar, it shows up turquoise.

here's my attempt to capture the flecks of glitter with my scope at work... shhh, please don't tell.

happy weekend everyone!


jozen said...

oooooohhh... so nice and sparkly!! zoe would be in love! LOL

the katt said...

you have just inspired me to go have a manicure :D LOVE those colors!