Sunday, November 8, 2009

my first post! i started this blog almost a year ago. this is officially my first post, YAY! kellie, i started it (finally).
had an awesome day! we adopted, max, today, my son's favorite character in "where the wild things are." we were renting some movies and somewhere along the aisles, he found max... he yelled, "mommy, MAX!!! it's max, sooo cool!" we just had to get it for him. dom is the sweetest boy, he would spontaneously say, "i love you!" it totally makes my day.
we are having a lazy family day... we just wanted to relax and prepare for another work day... oh and cleaning too. a day in the life of a working mom!
hope your day is awesome!


Julie said...

looks like Dominic loves Max so much I think he thinks he's his little buddy!

ricebabies said...

I didnt know you had a blog. Yay!

ricebabies said...

Dominic is so getting a crown from me.