Monday, November 16, 2009

my first "weekend hand(s)" post!

i have a nail polish obsession. it all started when i was still 5 years of age. my cousin, cyrra, always wore the darkest red/brown nails... and i've been smitten ever since...

the reason why i call this weekly post "weekend hand(s)", is that i work in an environment that does not allow my polish to stay on for a day with out a scratch. i am a dental lab technician and i work with hand tools - enough said. so, i usually get my nails done on a friday, and when monday rolls around that's the end of the manicure. a sad, sad day...

i'm going to start posting a photo of my "manicured hands" (focus on the nails, for obvious reasons... LOL) once a week.

here, i am wearing "kangarooby" - OPI. it is from their australian collection back in early 2008. i love hunting for discontinued colors, and i was so ecstatic when i found a couple of bottles from a local nail salon!

next week, i will be rockin' a color found here or here... i looove OPI! most likely, "domestic goddess" that i picked up at sephora with my sis-in-law, aileen, yesterday.

so don't forget to check back next weekend!

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ricebabies said...

I never paint my nails, but for some reason, I bought red polsih the other day. he he