Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tickle me tuesdays - part 4

it`s been a while since i`ve done one of these...  don`t forget to check out more tickle me tuesday entries at yes teacher.

today, i will be focusing on cake decorating tutorials or DIYs.

here are some of my favorites:

this one is by chef ben-israel as featured on NYC cake girl:

(source:  NYC Cake Girl)
i love the way he manipulated the fondant into some of my favorite stitches, like the french knot, satin stitch, & split stitch!

this one is the link to a video tutorial of how to create brush embroidery flowers by sweet ambs cookies:

i just love it!

another favorite of mine is from sweetopia.  this post wouldn`t be complete without a little st. patrick`s day inspired tutorial...

(source:  sweetopia)
marian is also the creator of the eiffel tower cookies that are so beautiful!

i love the stencilled cake made by a piece of lisa.  here it is:

(source:  a piece of lisa)
i`d love to make one for each of the kids!

that`s it for today folks...  hope you liked the links!



Elissa said...

That stencil cake is amazing!

cb said...

i am always in awe of caking decorating. such a fun way to express yourself and who doesnt love sweets!

Leslie Todd said...

Wow, the embroidery looking one is amazing.