Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tickle me tuesdays - part 3

if you missed my last post, we just found out that our baby is a lil' miss.  i couldn't help but choose a bunch of girly things for the 3rd edition of tickle me tuesdays!  go to yes teacher's blog to check out some amazing bloggers who are participating in this link up!

here it goes:

"ultimate set of paper doll blocks" by tiny giraffe shop

peacock fascinator by gorgeous and company

"girl head pillows" by vintage jane

spitfire boy girl tattoo dolls
i saw this at sometimes sweet and tart's blogs

"gypsy baby dress" by vintage lucys

pleated a-line dress (made with spoonflower fabric) by zesti

i know i'm only supposed to have up to five items... but i couldn't help but add one more...

happy women's international day!!!
xo, carla


Sarah B. said...

Congratulations on your baby GIRL!! Oh how fun :) I really love that dress by zesti!! Thanks for linking up!!

Annette said...

What an exciting time for you!! There are some really amazing baby girl things on Etsy as you already know!! I love the pleated A-line dress.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh Yeah!!! Congrats - girl stuff is awesome - I should know I have 4 boys! LOL!!! What fun!

Kelly said...

the gypsy baby dress make me want to have a daughter.

Meeling said...

Loving those blocks!!!
And that little A-line dress...too cute!
You're going to have a blast with a baby girl!!

Happy Tuesday!

Lisa said...

That's so wonderful, congratulations! I love all of the stuff you're showing, but especially the last dress and the tattoo dolls, so bad ass! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

that vintage jane room is amazing!!