Thursday, January 7, 2010

girlish whimsy

i accidentally deleted my last post on custom blythe dolls :(

so instead of crying senseless tears, i went on a hunt to find more customs! it didn't seem like such a loss after all, because it was super fun! here are some of my favorites and also some images from my original post:

here is the first set of dolls... i'm going for movie-themed customs. i found these amazing dolls here.

this one is "sayuri", she reminds me of the movie, memoirs of a geisha... look at the lash detail and the painted lower lip.

here's a shot with her gray eyes:

this is "cruella de vil" (cruella de ville), from 101 dalmatians:

if you are a baz luhrmann fan, you would appreciate this, "satine", from moulin rouge:

this one is named, "janet". i just love the photo... it makes me sooo happy!

i love how the drawing becomes a blythe, she's named, "shayana".

i love the eyes on "scarlet"...

the next images are from esthy and lulla on flickr. you can also find more photos on esthy's blog.

here's a close-up of "ouija". look at her lips! isn't the detail amazing?
and here is "ouija" with a nightmare before christmas doll, how cute!

another one by esthy and lulla, her eyes are so adorable!

the following images are by picara on flickr:

this is "lenore"

this is "charlize", the marionette:

and a baroque blythe:

this one is by puchi collective. i love how the bunny resembles mark ryden's "snow yak", and the bunny in "the magic circus".

this one is by tempurashrimp on flickr:

aqua is my one of my favorite colors, because i adore everything blue and green. this is from weheartit.

it's only right that i end this post with another movie-inspired, custom blythe doll creation:

i fell in love with this instantly. edward scissorhands! - how can you go wrong??? isn't it the cutest? (photo cred: weheartit)

i think this is my longest post, so far... i hope you enjoyed the wonderful art! *sigh*, i did...

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